Prepare, standardize, check, and clean data provided via the .data argument.

  .data        = NULL, 
  .model       = NULL, 
  .instruments = NULL



A data.frame or a matrix of standardized or unstandardized data (indicators/items/manifest variables). Possible column types or classes of the data provided are: "logical", "numeric" ("double" or "integer"), "factor" ("ordered" and/or "unordered"), "character" (converted to factor), or a mix of several types.


A model in lavaan model syntax or a cSEMModel list.


A named list of vectors of instruments. The names of the list elements are the names of the dependent (LHS) constructs of the structural equation whose explanatory variables are endogenous. The vectors contain the names of the instruments corresponding to each equation. Note that exogenous variables of a given equation must be supplied as instruments for themselves. Defaults to NULL.


A (N x K) data.frame containing the standardized data with columns ordered according to the order they appear in the measurement model equations provided via the .model argument.