Calculates composite weights according to one of the the five criteria "SUMCORR", "MAXVAR", "SSQCORR", "MINVAR", and "GENVAR" suggested by Kettenring (1971) .

  .S              = args_default()$.S, 
  .csem_model     = args_default()$.csem_model,   
  .approach_gcca  = args_default()$.approach_gcca



The (K x K) empirical indicator correlation matrix.


A (possibly incomplete) cSEMModel-list.


Character string. The Kettenring approach to use for GCCA. One of "SUMCORR", "MAXVAR", "SSQCORR", "MINVAR" or "GENVAR". Defaults to "SUMCORR".


A named list. J stands for the number of constructs and K for the number of indicators.


A (J x K) matrix of estimated weights.




The GCCA mode used for the estimation.


The convergence status. TRUE if the algorithm has converged and FALSE otherwise. For .approach_gcca = "MINVAR" or .approach_gcca = "MAXVAR" the convergence status is NULL since both are closed-form estimators.


The number of iterations required. 0 for .approach_gcca = "MINVAR" or .approach_gcca = "MAXVAR"


Kettenring JR (1971). “Canonical Analysis of Several Sets of Variables.” Biometrika, 58(3), 433--451.